November 12, 2005 November Bust

We got a late start on this one because we had already packed up our chase gear for the season. The SPC issued a tornado watch at 1:44PM. When was the last time there was a tornado in Iowa in November?

"An examination of Iowa Tornado Statistics shows that from 1950 to 2004, there were only 23 tornadoes reported in Iowa in November.  17 of those occurred on two different days, with nine occurring on Nov. 9, 1975 and eight on Nov. 15, 1988.  In that 54 year period there were 11 injuries and no deaths."

The first cells started popping shortly thereafter and the first warning of the day was issued at 2:39PM for Cass county, about 80 miles west of our position. These storms were moving northeast at 65-75MPH so we knew there was no way we could intercept one unless a cell formed closer. We watched as the southernmost cell of the day formed in Adair county and a SVR warning was issued at 3:22PM. Here's what Steve Myers, who witnessed the tornado on his way to a football game in Ames, had to say:

"The tornado was on the ground about a mile and a half to the north of our location. It was coming directly out of a dark, massive wall cloud. The top of the twister was quite wide for a rope tornado. It had a very crooked mid-section that seemed to wind back and forth until it got so skinny that it was no longer visible. We could see a cloud of dust and debris floating below the visible funnel. It was heading for Ames, and it caused school and city officials to evacuate the stadium. The worst, however, was what it had done to the small town of Woodward. It completely destroyed a portion of this town, blowing away cars, houses, trees, and even a gas station."



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